The Corner Man

I think life is somewhat like boxing. When the bell rings, we need to be on our feet and ready to engage. Not knowing what we will encounter from day-to-day requires us to be prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually before entering into the ring. A boxer needs to be at the top of his game when he climbs through the ropes because once he is inside the ring, its go-time.

There are two critical elements to being a successful boxer. Over and above all else, the boxer’s ability to win hinges on a good corner man. His job is to study the opponent’s style and look for weak spots. The corner man’s eyes focus on the adversary and judge how best to defeat him. The second equally important principle to winning the bout is the boxer’s ability to retreat to the corner and submit to the wisdom and knowledge of the corner man.

In life, we all want to do well. We instinctively set our hopes and dreams high and we do our best to show up prepared and ready. But how often do we, like any good boxer, retreat to the corner for input and insights from our corner man? Do we listen to God knowing he has the better perspective?

Trusting His lead in our lives guarantees us the best odds of living this life on earth successfully. Without Him; without God, we are victims of our own blind spots and life, at best, is purely happenstance. Let today be the day you take a breather, rest from your efforts, and listen for input from your corner man. I promise, He is there.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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July 10, 2019

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