Pentecost Sunday

This Sunday, May 31, is Pentecost Sunday. Being raised Catholic, I’m familiar with the word but not the significance or the reason it is celebrated. As I researched the meaning, I found that Pentecost is the day we honor and remember Christ’s promise to us to send a helper after His death (John 14:16). This promise was fulfilled on Pentecost, and the gift of the Holy Spirit was bestowed on all the people who profess belief in Christ.

On that day, all people, believers and non-believers, heard and witnessed this incredible moment in time. God’s Holy Spirit literally appeared and became manifest to all who could see and hear. In Acts 2:1-16, the description of this event includes the sounds of violent, rushing wind and flames like blazing tongues of fire. The Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles gifting them with the ability to preach and teach in all languages. Outside observers were amazed and confused, but the apostles and fellow believers received the gift and celebrated euphorically.

Christ followers were in a state of expectancy that day. They remembered the promise made by their Redeemer and hoped that God would come through for them. He did. He remembered; and Pentecost, from that time forward, celebrates the fulfillment of His promise.

Today, many of us are living quarantined and fearful of the pandemic that surrounds our world. We are hopeful for relief, but in many ways, we’ve lost our sense of strength and are waiting anxiously for a rescue. Much like our ancestors of biblical days, we are looking across the horizon for a promise and a presence.

This Sunday, I encourage you to take a moment to honor God’s eternal gift of His Holy Spirit given to us so many years ago. I hope as believers we can join together, even as we are apart, and lift a holy cry to heaven for God’s refreshing winds to blow once again upon our world and heal our bodies, minds and spirits.

Photo by Thaï Ch. Hamelin / ChokdiDesign on Unsplash

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May 29, 2020

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