My Stronghold of Human Reasoning

“We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.” 2 Corinthians

Everyone is struggling now to find a sense of normalcy within the chaos surrounding coronavirus. I put myself at the top of that list. I have trouble concentrating and completing projects. There is very little getting done around the house and I’m constantly distracted with the onslaught of information regarding the outbreak. Multiple efforts have been made to limit the amount of time I watch the news or read the headlines, but inevitably, I’m drawn back to the information overload like a moth to a flame.

The need for it feels necessary for survival and mimics a behavior pattern like addiction. It truly is an over-abundance of human reasoning and is quickly becoming a personal stronghold for me.

My desire is to stay calm and maintain confidence that somehow, some way, God “is” in control, but I’m finding my mind at odds with my spirit. The world’s turmoil and conversations are drowning out my normal sense of trust and confidence in God. There is a sense of fear within me of the virus itself, and my human reasoning tells me, “Listen to the scientists; they are the resource that will save your life!” In my head, I believe the basic information they share is utterly important to survival, but in my spirit, I sense a gut check over trusting science too much.

The challenge is this, Do I really believe, and trust God is in control... even with an out-of-control, pandemic? Is my faith based on hollow emotions that ebb and flow, or is it a solid foundational belief that goes beyond my emotions and circumstances?

With all my heart, I want to trust first and foremost in the faith I’ve professed and held onto over the past twenty plus years. I want to believe God is who He says He is. Bottom line, am I claiming and looking for God’s truth; or, do I doubt and look to human reasoning to find comfort and a sense of direction? If there’s a balance to all this, I need to find it.

In prayer, I confessed the overwhelming fear and anxiety to God and allowed myself to be honest and real with Him. Within a few minutes I felt at rest. I found a sense of peace surrounding me as the doubts and fears were replaced with a clear awareness that as humans, (including scientist) we will not, nor will we ever be, all knowing.

Perfect knowledge and complete understanding are reserved exclusively for God; He, and only He, is all knowing. Realizing that simple truth helped me step back from my overactive human reasoning and redirect my trust back towards God. He is the Creator and Redeemer of my life. He has brought me this far and promises to be with me until the end of time.

The following words are from my time of prayer:

Lord, God I trust in you.

I want to know You will carry me through this disastrous situation even as I struggle against my human fears.

Help me strive to look for You and Your hand in this midst of this calamity.

Relieve my desire for endless information.

Help me stand on what I know about life and the extent of Your power in the midst of uncertainty.

With my heart and soul turned to You Lord, I willingly submit to Your authority in my life and in this world. Science is a true blessing that helps us understand the natural world around us, but science in and of itself cannot give us life. You, and You alone, are the Creator of life and the world we live in. You are actively involved in this present day, and keenly aware of our world’s suffering.

I ask by faith, Lord God, for a miracle on the world’s behalf. Please erase this scourge from our environment and heal the many people who are sick and dying. Help us as a nation and world turn towards You. May many come to understand the miraculous sacrifice You made on the cross for our behalf and through that understanding profess a belief and trust in You.

There is a peace in surrendering to someone you trust.

It is followed by a sweet release of doubt and fear.


God with us

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April 13, 2020

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