If I’m Honest

Over the past week I have found myself glued to the TV for information on the coronavirus. I have found a sense of comfort in isolating myself at home while listening to the ongoing reports of people impacted by this disease. I have spent hours reading all the articles coming across my computer screen and even admit to assessing our basic supplies and needs in case of a possible quarantine.

I’ve prayed; but honestly, I have put my trust in the TV networks and our government to inform and protect me from this ever-increasing threat. I’ve realized that I have developed a heightened sense of vulnerability that has filled me with fear and dependence.

I sensed a gut check within me this morning to turn off the TV and spend some quiet time questioning my reactions to this dilemma. I am a faithful person. I know, regardless of the situations around me, whether good or bad, I am supposed to look to God for the answers. Who and what I depend on should not change, regardless of the situation. I know my inner strength comes from my connection to God and, in times of trouble, He is who I turn to for wisdom and guidance.  If I’m honest, I’ve allowed myself to be overwhelmed with information to the point it is dictating my thoughts, reactions and emotions.

Like a ship overturned in the midst of a storm, I need to right myself and get my bearings. I have confidence and believe that every effort is being taken by the various governments to protect us during this world-wide emergency. However, my sense of trust is connected to my faith, and faith goes beyond this world. I trust in God. It is a permanent trust that comes from within me and is wrapped up in dependence and belief. This sense of trust in God caused my gut check this morning and encouraged me to pause and question what I was looking for on the TV.

The word “Emmanuel” came to my mind during prayers this morning. The word literally means, “God with us”. I believe He is with us, for us, and knows our trials and tribulations. His desire is for us to look to Him in times of trouble and trust that He alone holds the power of life and death. As humans, it is beyond our ability to comprehend this mystery, however, through faith we trust in His authority, His endless ability and His love for His children.

There is a peace that comes from looking to our Heavenly Father for the answers and reassurances we need. It is good to know we are not alone. If I’m honest, this day is no different from any of the other days I’ve put my trust in Him. The stakes may feel higher, but they are not.

Humanity is frail, and we are all living only a moment away from life and death situations. With that in mind, I want and need a balance to the chaos surrounding coronavirus. It is critical for me to moderate the amount of information I take in. Also, remembering to filter the concerns of the day through a faith and dependence on God will give me, and I hope you as well, a sense of stability and peace that will sustain us all our lives.

I pray for your health and peace during this time.

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March 14, 2020

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